The TriMed Solution consists of six main modules which are made up of numerous components.  The main modules can be described as follows:

The Patient Master Index

The Patient Master Index (PMI) carries all the data for every patient registered on TriMed for the Medical Facility.  All the pre-admissions, admissions, authorisations performed in the  PMI module.

The Billing Module

The Billing Module takes care of all the financial transactions billed to a patient account during a hospital stay.  Billing is performed against pre-loaded tariffs for all accommodation, theatre procedures and equipment used.

The Clinical Information Module

The Clinical Information Module is where all the non-financial transactions are recorded in the patient record during a hospital stay.  The module provides for a Doctor and Nurse Workbench where Doctor and Nursing Notes are recorded. All vital signs are recorded and graphed over time.  Diagnostic test results are incorporated in the patient record and all information is collated into an Electronic Health Record.  The Clinical Information Module also makes provision for the management and treatment of long term of Chronic Disease as well as the Occupational Health

Pharmacy and InHospital  Dispensing

The TriMed Hospital Information System has a comprehensive stock management system which deals with all pharmaceutical and surgical  stock transactions from ordering to the sale or issue.  The Pharmacy and In Hospital dispensing include electronic ordering to ensure that best buying practices are enforced. Stock can be efficiently managed by using bar code scanning for billing and issuing purposes.  All stock information is retained in a Master file known as the Stock Master which is informed by industry standard requirements.  Dispensing can be performed via e-scripting from mobile or fixed workstations.  Comprehensive reporting assists with accurate stock management from various locations throughout and specialised programs such as antibiotic stewardship.

Retail Dispensing

TriMed has a full retail system for the management of all POS transactions, provides for cash management and the management of OTC. TTO and chronic and repeat scripts with interfacing to local switching houses.

Credit Control and Management Reporting

All financial and Clinical transactions can be reported on using the comprehensive range of reporting on TriMed.  Detailed statistical information available on TriMed makes business analysis and introspection  simple.  The reporting is set up and customised per individual facility, ensuring that requirements for individual management packs are met.