Interface Information

The TriMed system uses the de facto international HL7 standard for messaging and interfacing and can therefore easily interface to any other medical database or equipment which also complies.  Current interfaces already in place include the following:


Interfacing to e-procurement systems ensures that procurement agreements can be diligently adhered to.  Buying preferences can be enforced by setting preferred suppliers. Supplier specials can be advertised using the e-procurement system resulting in smart buying.  All orders are imported electronically between systems.


Interfaces between TriMed and a number of laboratory systems allow for diagnostic test results to be imported directly to the patient record, allowing for comprehensive clinical data to be available online and part of the electronic health record.


Interfacing to a number of RIS and PACs systems allows for on-line ordering of diagnostic testing and for results to be imported into TriMed, enabling comprehensive clinical data to be available online and as part of the electronic record.

Automated drug dispensers

TriMed has existing interfaces into both ROWA and Mach4 drug dispensers.  These provide the medical facility with excellent stock control and reduce the number of qualified pharmacists required for dispensing purposes.

Medical equipment

Any equipment which complies with the HL7 can be interfaced to TriMed with minimum effort.  This makes the retention of information generated by these devices simple to incorporate into the Electronic Health Record.

Cash register

The retail system makes provision for interfacing to a cash drawer for cash management in the pharmacy.

Patient demographic export

TriMed has a standard output for patient demographics which can be used for interfacing.

Occupational health equipment

Equipment used for occupational health testing can also be interfaced to TriMed, ensuring complete medical records for health and safety purposes.

Financial  interface

TriMed has a standard journal output which can be customised for a variety of ERP systems.  The output journals include revenue, creditors, cost of sales, stock receipts and returns, adjustments, stock take results, transfers, payments, VAT input and output and control account info.

HR systems

TriMed interfaces to a number of HR systems allowing for new and terminated employee info to immediately update into the hospital information system, where workforce management is applicable.